“cambrient” — from the Cambrian Period, the earth age in which life, as we know it, first evolved.

EXPERIENCE: with almost 10 years together as a team, hundreds of major projects under our belts, and many customer successes. There just isn’t any content management and Internet team in the country that has done more for more people.
TECHNOLOGY: our technology platform is a mature, proven one. We have the leading local content management system running in over 15 major installations, with endorsements from big name customers. There is just no other local technology worth considering.
100% LOCAL: Cambrient is a thoroughly South African company, with local software IP. An investment with us is an investment in South African skills and software. No offshore software can be implemented in South Africa by a team that understands it as well as we understand our own code
RIGOUR: Cambrient’s methodology and approach is careful and methodical. We leave nothing to chance, and our consulting, implementation and project management skills are designed around covering all critical bases. There is no-one who will look after your needs with more care.
USER-CENTREDNESS: more than anything, we care about the human beings that have to use the systems we are developing. While we are techies, we are techies that understand humans. No-one can offer you a better bridge between computer systems and your customers or teams.

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